Dr Abhishek Kumar


Abhishek is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Electronic and Device Materials Group (EDM) at Electrical Engineering Department, University of Cambridge. He completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof Neil Greenham at Optoelectronics Group in Cavendish Laboratory, working on the interface modification in organic PVs and polymer LEDs. Before PhD, he gained 2 years of work experience as process and equipment engineer in semiconductor industry at Micron Technology Inc (TECH), Singapore, and completed his masters from National University of Singapore (NUS) researching on electrospinning technique to make nanofibres for dye solar cells. He was awarded NRF Clean Energy scholarship from Singapore EDB to pursue PhD degree, and NUS-Research scholarship to pursue Master degree.  

Abhishek was working with Dr Andrew Flewitt on the development of novel test concept for large-area electronic devices. His research interests include solution processed solar cells, light emitting diodes, amorphous oxide TFTs, inkjet printing, and electrospun nanofibres. 

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