CIMLAE Project Outline

The Centre's technical programme was designed to deliver a coherent programme of research to address industry needs and provide the capabilities to meet the manufacturing requirements of early market opportunities for LAE systems.

The programme was organised into three themes - System Integration, Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Emerging Technologies - each containing a portfolio of projects of different sizes and timescales.

  • Flagship Projects (completed) formed the core of the technical programme, typically involving 1 or 2 post doctoral researchers for 2 years.
  • Pathfinder projects (completed) were small feasibility projects funded for 6 months.
  • Academic research at the Centre was leveraged to secure further funding from a variety of sources, leading to collaborative projects with significant involvement from industry partners.

Click on project names in the technical programme diagram below to discover further information about each project, or scroll down to select them from a list.

Each entry details the academics and industrial partners involved. Do get in touch with them, or us, if you would like to find out more or get involved!

Completed Flagship Projects

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