Opportunities for digital functional printing

With big industries such as automotive, aerospace and healthcare monitoring now taking up products comprising printed electronics, and with the expected explosive growth of the internet of things, the time is ripe for another look at the opportunities for digital functional printing, writes Chris Rider, Conference Chair for innoLAE 2020, in an online article for IMI Europe.

Chris explains that Digital Functional Printing is a new manufacturing process to make a functional item that could typically be produced in other ways.  Chris argues that 'there are market opportunities for electronic products that aren’t well satisfied by the conventional approach. Often this is driven by a form-factor which is non-standard orr it might require ‘stretchability’ – perhaps for incorporation in a garment or for incorporation onto a surface with curvature in more than one direction. In general, functional printing doesn’t lead to a cheaper volume product, so the choice to build a business on it is best based on doing something that conventional approaches either can’t do or find it difficult to do.'  Read the complete article here:  imieurope.com/inkjet-blog/2019/12/2/building-a-business-in-digital-functional-printing

If you’re interested to know more, why not join us at innoLAE! The innoLAE 2020 programme features speakers and poster presenters from 51 institutions, presenting the view from small and large global companies, leading manufacturers and end-users, research and technology organizations and academia. It is this perfect balance which makes this distinctive conference an invaluable event for the large-area electronics community - and this year is no exception.



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