Dr Alan Hodgson

Dr Alan Hodgson has a BSc in colorant chemistry and a PhD in instrumentation, both from the Department of Chemistry at UMIST (now the University of Manchester).  After 22 years in the photographic industry, Alan worked on consultancy projects that led him into Printed Electronics. In 2008, he joined 3M in the UK as Technical Development Manager specialising in print solutions for high security documents and initiated Printed Electronics trials on a factory scale. In 2015, Alan returned to his consultancy business, Alan Hodgson Consulting Ltd and is a Visiting Academic with the University of Manchester Centre for Digital Fabrication.

Alan is active in Printed Electronics, both as a practitioner and Chair of the IEC standards committee on Printed Electronics IEC TC119. His particular interest is in the potential of paper and textiles as substrates for printed electronics. He is Past President of the IS&T and a past Chair of the Institute of Physics Printing and Graphics Science Group.

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