Dr Alex Holder


Email: a.holder@swansea.ac.uk

Dr Alex Holder is a researcher working on the Centre's ARPLAE project.

Dr Holder read Chemical Engineering at Swansea University and joined the Welsh Centre of Printing and Coating after completing his PhD in Nanotechnology. As a PhD student, he worked on validating advanced rheometric techniques such as Optimal Fourier Rheometry (OFR) and controlled stress parallel superposition (CSPS) while working closely with industrial partners on how these techniques might provide better data for their flow models. During his time at the WCPC, Alex was involved in the development of printed pressure sensors as well as developing advanced rheometric techniques to investigate fluid properties specifically of interest to printing. Today, Alex works in the centre for complex fluids within Swansea University and seeks to utilise advanced rheometric techniques to further understanding in the field of printed electronics as well as other complex biological and industrial rheological systems.

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