Dr Guangbin Dou

Project Investigator

Email: g.dou@imperial.ac.uk

Dr Guangbin Dou is PI of the Interconnection Technologies for integration of Active devices with Printed Plastic Electronics (ITAPPE) project, which investigates the use of Non Conductive Adhesive (NCA) packaging as an alternative route for integrating active devices on low‐temperature substrates.

Dr Dou is a microsystems engineer and his expertise is fine pitch electronics manufacturing and MEMS fabrication. He is interested in a range of system level and device integration areas, including Nano electronics manufacturing for next generation electronics and MEMS devices for sustainable energy application.

Guangbin studied engineering specialising in micro electronics packaging at Harbin Institute of Technology in China as an Undergraduate and a MEng student, and subsequently took a PhD at Loughborough University for fine pitch electronics manufacturing after working in EPA centre at City University of Hong Kong as a research assistant for a year. He's currently a postdoc at Imperial College focused on fine pitch electronics packaging and piezoelectric material integration for MEMS and system-in-package application.

For a complete biography, please visit his Imperial College London profile

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