Dr Janos Veres

We are delighted to announce Dr Janos Veres as a keynote speaker for innoLAE 2019.


Printing the IOT

Electronics is entering a new era in which we need to go beyond mass production and begin to address unique, customized devices that are made on-demand.  Wearables, automotive and a vast range of IOT applications cannot be served by traditional “electronics in a box” solutions.  A key enabler for this transition is flexible and conformal electronics.  For the last couple of decades printed and flexible electronics was viewed as a low cost manufacturing option for mass products such as displays and RFID.  The challenge of delivering cost and performance in competition with well-established products has been significant. More recently, we see new opportunities for flexible, printed and hybrid electronics to deliver unique, often niche products. Unique form factors and tight integration of electronics will benefit from a digital, additive manufacturing infrastructure. Printing is an enabler for mass customization of electronics, for an IOT with smart things that fuse form and function in new ways.


Janos Veres leads PARC's Novel and Printed Electronics Program exploring the Future of Electronics. He is passionate about the future of manufacturing and the new ecosystems enabled by digital technologies. His main interest is exploring 2D and 3D printing and large area processes for electronic devices to merge form and function and to “free electronics from the box”. By combining novel materials, device designs and unique deposition processes, it becomes possible to print flexible circuits, sensors, memory and hybrid electronic systems. Janos creates projects that combine experts in technology, design, user experience and systematic innovation. Janos has held R&D, manufacturing and management positions in material, printing and electronics companies including PolyPhotonix, Kodak, Merck, Avecia, Zeneca and Gestetner, where he developed printed circuits, specialty functional materials, OLEDs, displays, and medical devices as well as printing/coating technologies. Janos holds a Ph.D. in Solid State Electronics from Imperial College, London.

You can read more about his background, work, publications and patents via his PARC profile page.

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