Dr John Hardy

Project Investigator

Email: j.g.hardy@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr John Hardy is PI of the Multiphoton Fabrication of Bioelectronic Biomaterials for Neuromodulation (MFBBN) project, which aims to use multiphoton fabrication to print conducting biomaterials for neuromodulation.

Dr Hardy is a 50th Anniversary Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science Institute at Lancaster University. He obtained his first degree from the University of Bristol, and his PhD from the University of York working with Professor David Smith on supramolecular materials. He moved to Strasbourg in France to work on supramolecular materials with Professors Jean-Marie Lehn and Jack Harrowfield, to Bayreuth in Germany to work on silk protein-based biomaterials with Professor Thomas Scheibel, to the United States to work on organic bioelectronics for neuromodulation, drug delivery and tissue engineering with Professors Christine Schmidt (Austin, TX; Gainesville, FL) and David Kaplan (Boston, MA), and to Northern Ireland to work on light-responsive drug delivery systems with Professor Colin McCoy. He has published multiple papers and patents, serves on the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Molecular Sciences and Future Science OA, and kicked off his independent career developing materials that respond to electricity, light and magnetism for biomedical applications in Lancaster in August 2015.

For a full bio, please visit his Lancaster University profile.

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