Dr Neil Chilton

After completing his BSc in Physics and PhD in semiconductor material analysis, Dr Chilton’s technical career took him to Japan where he worked for four years at the advanced technology research centre of Nippon Steel Corporation. After returning to the UK he joined Europe’s then-largest printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing facility in the North East of England. He remained there for more than 11 years. During that time he became Technical Director.

In 2006, he joined Printed Electronics Limited (PEL) together with co-founder Dr Steve Jones. The focus of PEL is the practical use of digital printing methods for manufacturing electronic interconnects devices and systems. The company was initially located in Cambridge UK to partner with the strong digital and inkjet community. In keeping with the founders’ backgrounds in the PCB industry, in 2011 PEL’s operational facility was moved and co-located at UK PCB manufacturer Invotec Circuits. PEL retain a facility in Cambridge for ink formulation and related activities. Neil is an active member of the global Printed Electronics community and has taught industrial courses on Material Deposition and Printed Electronics at a number of international conferences. In addition he remains active in the global PCB community.

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