Dr Punarja Kevin


Email: p.kevin@lancaster.ac.uk

Dr Punarja Kevin is  working on the Multiphoton Fabrication of Bioelectronic Biomaterials for Neuromodulation (MFBBN) project, which aims to use multiphoton fabrication to print conducting biomaterials for neuromodulation.

Dr Kevin is a postdoctoral researcher in the school of chemistry, Lancaster University, U.K.  She holds a Graduate Diploma in IT (1998) from ER&DCI, India, a B.Sc. in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics (1999) from the University of Kerala, India, MSC chemistry (2001) from Govt. Of Kerala, India, Bachelors in Education (2002) MG Uty, India, SET (2002),  PG in Business Management (2011) from London School of Business Management, U.K. and PhD in chemistry and materials (2016) from  the University of Manchester, U.K. She was appointed as a junior lecturer in Chemistry by the Government of Kerala in July 2002. From 2009 she took on an additional role as a state resource group member in chemistry under the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Kerala, India. Her Ph.D. studies were mainly focused in the development of precursors for the preparation of semiconductor nanoparticles and thin films for photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications. I am working on multiphoton fabrication of biomaterials for neuromodulation.  I am using a range of techniques including the multiphoton fabrication, UV curing, spin coating, electrodeposition methods to deposit conducting polymers for use as neural electrodes, characterize their physicochemical and electrical properties, and to validate the efficacy of the bioelectronics devices to interact with brain tissue. She published more than 10 papers since 2014, main author in 9 research papers and have co-authored in some review articles, reviewed many papers (h-index : 4, 82 citations since 2012).

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