Dr Sanjay Ghosh


Email: s.ghosh@bangor.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1248 382745

Dr Sanjay Ghosh is a Postdoctoral Research Officer-Organic Photovoltaics in the School of Electronic Engineering at Bangor University. He is working under the supervision of Dr Jeff Kettle on the EPSRC Large Area Electronics Consortium and the European Commission. In this projects he explores new transparent electrodes for use in optoelectronic devices and actively involved in design, fabrication and testing of solar cells as well as take into account scale up issues in collaboration with Roll-to-Roll partners.

Sanjay received his PhD in Chemistry/Organic Electronics from Bangor University under the supervision of Professor Igor F. Perepichka. After his PhD he served as Technology Transfer Officer-Specific for 18 months at Bangor University in collaboration with Swansea University in the area of Dye-sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells under the guidance of Dr Peter Holliman.

His research interests range from the study of photophysical properties of material for application in organic electronics to the development of next generation solar cells technology, nanofabrication, surface engineering, organic and inorganic synthesis as well as theoretical modelling. He has over 4 years of industrial experience prior PhD study and co-author of 6 publications including a Patent.

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