Dr James Semple


Email: j.semple12@imperial.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)20 759 42957

Dr James Semple is a Research Associate at the Centre for Plastic Electronics and Department of Physics in Imperial College London. He is working under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Anthopoulos on the EPSRC Centre's PLANALITH project. The project focuses on optimising device structures to enable high frequency printed diodes for radio frequency identification (RFID) applications. 

James received his PhD in Physics from Imperial College in 2016, on the topic of large-area plastic nanoeletronics, with a focus on electronic devices based on adhesion lithography. Prior to that, he received his BA in Physics from Trinity College, Dublin, with projects focused on the mechanical and optoelectronic properties of solution processed two dimensional composite materials. His research interests include printed radio frequency Schottky diodes,  photodetectors and memory devices, based on planar electrode device architectures.

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