Dr Youmna Mouhamad



Dr Youmna Mouhamad is a postdoctoral researcher in the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating.

She is currently involved in haRFest project; an EPSRC project co-funded by innovate UK which aims to develop and scale the production of an energy harvesting module. In this project she works on the printing of an integrated antenna and capacitor system.

Youmna has a bachelor’s degree in physics and chemistry from the University of Aix-Marseille II. Having been awarded an Erasmus grant she spent the final years of her bachelor’s degree in the University of Leeds from which she later obtained Master of Physics. In 2014 she received a PhD from Sheffield University investigating the dynamics and phase separation of spin coated films. With the aim of combining her interest in applied research and her knowledge in polymer physics she joined the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating in 2014.  In this position she has formulated graphene based ink and contributed to the development and patenting of two technologies.



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