EPSRC Centre starts work

The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large Area Electronics started work on October 1st 2013.

The Centre will address the manufacturing research challenges in meeting the key end-user need for multifunctional systems that include for example: sensors; power generation and storage; signal processing and logic elements; output capability through information display or by wireless transmission.

The four objectives for the EPSRC Centre are:

  1. to address the technical challenges of low-cost manufacturing of multi-functional LAE systems
  2. to develop a long-term research programme in advanced manufacturing processes aimed at ongoing reduction in manufacturing cost and improvement in system performance
  3. to support the scale-up of technologies and processes developed in and with the Centre by UK manufacturing industry
  4. to promote the adoption of LAE technologies by the wider UK electronics manufacturing industry

This Centre for Innovative Manufacturing brings together four centres of excellence in plastic electronics:

  • Cambridge Innovation and Knowledge Centre at the University of Cambridge
  • Centre for Plastic Electronics at Imperial College London
  • Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating at Swansea University
  • Organic Materials Innovation Centre at the University of Manchester

The EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing maximise the impact of innovative research for the UK, opening up new industries and markets in growth areas.

The aims for the EPSRC Centres are:

  • to create a coherent programme of innovative manufacturing research
  • to address major long-term manufacturing challenges
  • to provide strong support for UK manufacturing industries
  • to enhance the global profile and significance of UK manufacturing research
  • to create a national network of expertise in manufacturing knowledge

Currently, there are 16 EPSRC Centres


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