Ink characterisation for printing functional materials

The EPSRC Centre's ARPLAE project team is gathering information about how the printing industry measures and characterises the inks it uses through an anonymous on-line survey. The survey explores the printing standards currently used for characterisation and quality control and the most common printing problems that need to be addressed for the printing of functional materials. The project team invite ink manufacturers and printers to participate in the survey and the results will be shared with all the participants as an appreciation for their time. The ARPLAE team will study the advanced rheological properties of a range of different materials with a view to linking these rheological measurements to differences in print quality. Any help from industry in providing samples of functional inks for the use in the study would be appreciated.

If you need more details about the project, please visit the project page or contact the project PI, Professor Rhodri Williams, or Professor Tim Claypole.


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