innoLAE 2018 speakers

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

Professor Steve Beeby,
University of Southampton
Presentation Title: Low temperature flexible materials for energy harvesting from textiles

Mathieu Bellanger,
Lightricity Ltd
Presentation Title: Ultra-high efficient Photovoltaic Energy Harvester for wearable devices 

Miguel Carrasco,
Cambridge Display Technology Ltd
Presentation Title: Progress in printable energy harvesting and storage devices

Professor Tim Claypole,
Swansea University
Presentation Title: Advanced Rheology and its application to large area printed electronics

Dr Claudia Delgado Simao,
Presentation Title: Conformable electronics: materials, processes and integration towards robust hybrid printed devices on stretchable substrates

Dr Guangbin Dou,
Imperial College London
Presentation Title: Interconnection technologies for integration of active devices with printed plastic electronics

Professor Andrea Ferrari,
University of Cambridge
Presentation Title: The Roadmap to Applications of Graphene and Related Materials

Professor Elvira Fortunato,
New University of Lisob/CENIMAT
Presentation Title: Metal oxide materials as a sustainable and viable alternative to low cost electronics

Dr João Manuel Carvalho Gomes,
Presentation Title: Development of interactive automotive interiors with integrated printed electronic solutions

Professor Xian Huang,
Tianjin University
Presentation Title: Printed flexible sensors integrated with metal organic frameworks

Jaap Lombaers,
Holst Centre
Presentation Title: Large-Area Electronics: roads to implementation

Professor George Malliaras,
University of Cambridge
Presentation Title: Implantable electrophoretic devices for localized drug delivery

Professor Rodrigo Martins,
New University of Lisbon
Presentation Title: Sustainable hybrid materials applied to flexible electronics

Dr Simon Ogier,
Presentation Title: High mobility, uniform performance organic semiconductor devices with applications in flexible displays and bio-sensor arrays

Dr Paul Smith,
Presentation Title: Developments in Flexible Electronics at Xerox

Professor Luisa Torsi,
University of Bari
Presentation Title: Organic bioelectronics for bio-chemical detections at ultra-low detection limits

Dr Iain Williams,
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Presentation Title: Sensors and the future of environmental monitoring

João Manuel Carvalho Gomes,
Presentation Title: Development of interactive automotive interiors with integrated printed electronic solutions


Dr Feras Alkhalil, PragmatIC
Presentation Title: Phase Change Memory for Flexible Electronics

Indrachapa Bandara, University of Surrey
Presentation Title: Low Temperature Meso-Structured Flexible Perovskite Single Junction Solar Cells

Dr Francesca Bottacchi, FlexEnable
Presentation Title: Scalable, low cost, conformable organic LCDs on plastic enabled by high-performance OTFTs

Professor Ravinder Dahiya, University of Glasgow
Presentation Title: Electronic Skin with Energy Autonomy and Distributed Neural Data Processing

Mansoor D’Lavari , Merck
Presentation Title: Organic Electronics at Merck

Dr Davide Deganello, Swansea University
Presentation Title: SIMLIFT Optimisation of Laser Induced Forward Transfer Resolution through both coating and laser parameters

Dr Chris Evans, Peratech Holdco Ltd
Presentation Title: 3D Force Sensing Innovation

Alexandre Gaïtis, LITEN
Presentation Title: Stability and In Depth Characterization of Low-Voltage Organic Thin Film Transistors Based on Low-k/High-k Bilayer Dielectric

Dr Suresh Garlapati, University of Manchester
Presentation Title: Solution processed, low power organic field-effect transistor based sensors

Dr Dimitra Georgiadou, Imperial College London
Presentation Title: Adhesion lithography: a material-agnostic approach to the fabrication of nanoscale electronic devices

Dr Adam Graham, Centre for Process Innovation
Presentation Title: A novel, solution based process, allowing large area roll to roll printing of light emitting electrochemical cells creating large scale luminaires

Dr John Hardy, Lancaster University
Presentation Title: Multiphoton fabrication of bioelectronic biomaterials for neuromodulation (MFBBN)

Chen Jiang, University of Cambridge
Presentation Title: All-inkjet-printed low-voltage bias-stress stable organic thin-film transistors

Dr Woo Soo Kim, Simon Fraser University
Presentation Title: A 3D-printed Integrated Electro-chemical Sensor System

Dr Thomas Kolbusch , Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH
Presentation Title: Technology challenges and opportunities in UV and Thermal Nano Imprint Lithography Roll to Roll for flexible hybrid electronics

Professor Yu Liu, Jiangnan University
Presentation Title: Development of Intelligent Hybrid Platform for Direct Printing of Functional Patterns at Large-scale Flexible Substrate

Dr Iyad Nasrallah, University of Cambridge
Presentation Title: Low-voltage Polymer Transistors for High-Performance Solution-Processed Complementary Analogue Amplifiers on Foil

Dr Daniel O’Connor, National Physical Laboratory
Presentation Title: Metrology for large area electronics: a roadmap

Iain SedgwickRutherford Appleton Laboratory
Presentation Title: Design and Manufacture of Large Area Sensors for Scientific Applications

Dr Simon Tuohy, Oxford Lasers
Presentation Title: High-Speed Selective Laser Sintering of Ag nanoparticle inks on Flexible Substrates

Dr Wenzhuo Wu, Purdue University
Presentation Title: Large-scale hybrid monolithic nanomanufacturing of liquid-solid heterojunction devices for self-powered smart skin

Dr Bin Yang, University of Chester
Presentation Title: Quality-Control of UV Offset Lithographically Printed Electronic-Ink by THz Technology

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