innoLAE 2019 speakers

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

Keep an eye on this space as we continue to announce invited speakers.

Prof. Magnus Berggren

Professor, Linköping University

Prof. Cinzia Casiraghi

Professor, University of Manchester


Dr Dan Curtis

Senior Lecturer, Swansea University


Dr Stephen Hodge

Head of Research, Versarien plc



Prof. Andrew Holmes

Professor, Imperial College London


Dr Antti Keranen

CTO and Co-founder, TactoTek


Dr Jamie Marland

Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

Chuck Milligan

CEO, FlexEnable


Prof. Krishna Persaud

Professor, University of Manchester

Dr Richard Price

Chief Technology Officer, PragmatIC


Dr. Juan Pablo Prieto-Ruiz

Printing Process Engineer, Saule Technologies


Prof. Henning Sirringhaus

Professor, University of Cambridge

Prof. Vivek Subramanian

Professor, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Prof. Junichi Takeya

Professor, University of Tokyo

Ashutosh Tomar

Principal Engineer Technical Strategy (Research), Jaguar Land Rover

Dr Gwen Wyatt-Moon

University of Cambridge

Electronic Textiles Workshop: Speakers

We are delighted to announce that the innoLAE 2019 programme will include a workshop focused on the evolution of electronic textiles for wearable applications. See further workshop details, here.

Dr Theodore Hughes-Riley

Research Fellow, Nottingham Trent University

James Hayward

Principal Analyst, IDTechEx


Francesc Mañosa Moncunill

Researcher, Eurecat (functional fabrics unit)

Dr Felice Torissi

Lecturer, University of Cambridge


Kay Ullrich

Representative R&D (Smart Textiles), TITV Greiz 


LAE and the Circular Economy Workshop: Speakers and Panelists

We are delighted to announce that innoLAE 2019 will be running a session dedicated to exploring the issues of LAE and the circular economy.  See further workshop details, here.

Dr Danick Briand,

Senior Scientist, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)


Gillian Ewers

VP Marketing, PragmatIC


Clement Gaubert

WEEE Scheme Manager, Veolia

Marco Meloni,

Research Analyst, Ellen MacArthur Foundation



Sophie Isabel Verstraelen

Project Manager, Organic and Printed Electronics Association



The following oral presentations were selected by the programme committee through the Call for Papers.

This list will be continually updated as speakers confirm their acceptance.

Dr Pedro Barquinha

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Prof. Ravinder Dahiya

University of Glasgow

Henrique Leonel Gomes

University of the Algarve

Dr Hanleem Lee,

University of Cambridge

Prof Jean Manca

Universiteit Hasselt

Tanyaradzwa N. Mangoma

University of Cambridge

Dr. Suman Nandy


Dr Christopher Proctor

University of Cambridge

Dr. Grigorios (Greg) Rigas

M-Solv Ltd

Dr Francisco Rodriguez

Cambridge Display Technology Ltd.

Dr Sanjiv Sambandan

University of Cambridge

Poster Presenters

The following poster presentations were selected by the programme committee through the Call for Papers.

This list will be continually updated as presenters confirm their acceptance.

You may still submit an abstract for a poster presentation at innoLAE 2019.

Dr. Abdul Alzahrani, University of Cambridge

Title: A flexible wearable sensor for remote physiological monitoring during daily activities

Dr Dave Barwick & Simon Rutter, Centre for Process Innovation and Dr Chris Hunt, Pireta

Title: Developing conductive textiles for antennas

Emanuel Carlos, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa 

Title: Ultrafast photonic curing of solution-based aluminium oxide for thin film transistors

Dr Andrew Cook, Centre for Process Innovation

Title: Direct Encapsulation of Low Light OPV modules by Atomic Layer Deposition - DIRECT

Prof. Ravinder DahiyaUniversity of Glasgow

Title: Contact printing of semiconducting nanowires for high-performance large area flexible electronics

Dr. Davide DeganelloSwansea University

Title: Dynamic control of conductivity and morphology of R2R printed organic layers for large area electronics through ink elasticity

Giovanni A. della Rossa, Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SpA

Title: Grapholymer® - Extrusion, Coating, Lamination for Industrial Production with Graphene in Polymers

Dr Suresh Kumar GarlapatiUniversity of Manchester

Title: High performance, solution processed organic field-effect transistors to detect volatile organic compounds

Pavlos GiannakouUniversity of Surrey

Title: Printed and flexible NiO supercapacitors for energy harvesting applications

Daisy Gomersall, University of Cambridge

Title: Chemical vapour deposition of p-type inorganic thin film semiconductors

Dr Xiwen Gong, Stanford University

Title: Solution-processed 2D perovskite single crystals as efficient blue light emitters

Dr Neil Graddage, National Research Council Canada

Title: Improving uniformity of printed organic polymers for organic photovoltaics

Dr Felix HermerschmidtHumboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Title: Low temperature reductive sintering of printed copper nanoparticle ink for highly conductive thin films

Dr Stuart HigginsImperial College London 

Title: Developing nanostructured biomaterials for enhanced cell interfacing

Ioannis IeridesUniversity College London

Title: Revealing the function of an MgO interlayer in 3rd generation photovoltaics

Dr David Johnson, Centre for Process Innovation

Title: NECOMADA: low cost printed devices for the Internet of Things

Jaspreet Kainth, Imperial College London

Title: Hybrid thin films prepared by solution processing and ALD for ambipolar thin film transistor devices

Yin Jou KhongUniversity of Cambridge 

Title: Bipolar metal oxide thin film diodes

Prof. Chung Hwan KimChungnam National University

Title: Development of apparatus capable of applying various mechanical deformations for reliability test of flexible electronic devices

Dr Richard KrumpolecMasaryk University

Title: Large-area atmospheric plasma for roll-to-roll processing of flexible materials

Dinesh KumarBangor University

Title: Control over voltage threshold shift in IGZO TFTs with enhanced electrical characteristics using novel passivation

Dr Varindra Kumar, University of Cambridge

Title: Graphene metamaterial absorber in GHz range

Dr. Brice Le BorgneUniversity of Surrey 

Title: Low-cost printed RC filter using materials from daily-life

Alessandra Lo FiegoImperial College London

Title: Using fluorine-substituted organic semiconducting polymers in organic field-effect transistors with applications in bioelectronic interfacing

Professor Donald LupoTampere University of Technology

Title: Flexible temperature logger powered by solar cell and supercapacitor

David Lussey and Josephine CharnleyQuantum Technology Supersensors

Title: Quantum Technology Supersensors™ – Environmentally friendly ‘smart’ pressure sensing inks.

Dr Michal Maciejczyk, University of Edinburgh

Title: A highly efficient deep and sky-blue fluorescent solution-processed organic light-emitting diodes based on monothiatruxene-containing emitting materials

Ana Carolina MarquesNew University of Lisbon

Title: Enzyme-free colorimetric paper-based platform for point-of-care testing off glucose sensing in the physiological range

Arunakumari MavuriUniversity of East Anglia

Title:High-resolution inkjet printing of room temperature sintered silver nanoparticle inks for flexible electronics

Paolo MelgariCentre for Process Innovation 

Title: Beyond state-of-the-art 3D secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging for OLEDs directly encapsulated via atomic layer deposition aluminium oxide

Dr Loukas MichalasUniversity of Southampton

Title: Two-terminal Metal-IGZO-Metal devices

Nhlakanipho MkhizeUniversity of Oxford

Title: Electrohydrodynamic jet printed polyaniline for highly sensitive chemiresitors

Dr Youmna Mouhamad, SPECIFIC, Swansea University

Title: Optimization of large area printed Perovskite PV module design

Navid MohammadianUniversity of Manchester

Title: Ultra-low voltage organic field-effect transistors (OFETs)

Panagiotis MougkogiannisUniversity of Manchester

Title: Ammonia detection using solution processed organic-field effect transistors

Dr Mari Napari, University of Cambridge

Title: Control of the electrical properties of non-stoichiometric nickel oxide thin films grown by chemical vapour deposition methods

Nazia Nasr, GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology

Title: Enhanced electric properties of TiO2 electrode using laser ablated Ag nanoparticles

Julianna Panidi, Imperial College London

Title: Improving organic thin-film transistors with molecular additives

Dr Joana Vaz Pinto, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and CEMOP/UNINOVA,

Title: Low power electronics based on Parylene-C hybrid devices: top gate vs bottom gate TFTs

Dr Joana Vaz Pinto, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and CEMOP/UNINOVA,

Title: Conformable electronics based on Parylene-C polymer

Sarah-Jane Potts, Swansea University 

Title: High speed imaging of ink separation in screen-printing

David Poussin, Imperial College London

Title: Three-dimensional ordered porous fluorine tin-oxide transparent electrodes for improved photovoltaics

Dr Aiman RahmanudinUniversity of Manchester

Title: Printed organic field-effect-transistor multi-sensor array platform for vapour sensing applications

Dr Eloi RamonInstitute of Microelectronics of Barcelona, IMB-CNM

Title: Organic chipless-RFID tags inkjet printed on paper substrates

Dr Eloi RamonInstitute of Microelectronics of Barcelona, IMB-CNM

Title: Inkjet-printed rectifying diodes on paper substrates

Sinclair RatnasinghamImperial College London

Title: AACVD of methylammonium lead triiodide for photovoltaic applications

Achala SatharasingheNottingham Trent University

Title: Solar energy harvesting fabric for wearable, mobile, and off-grid applications

Ankur SinghHelius Solar & Energy Efficient System 

Title: Technology and physics of smOLED displays

Dr Radu SporeaUniversity of Surrey

Title:Next-generation paper: an augmented travel guide demonstrator

Niels van FraassenUniversity of Cambridge

Title: High performance Indium Silicon Oxide TFTs for large area electronics

Dr Gwenhivir Wyatt-MoonUniversity of Cambridge

Title: Adhesion lithography for large-area patterning of asymmetric nanogap electrodes

Guohua XieWuhan Unviersity

Title: Heat induced film transfer for vacuum-free multi-layered film deposition on arbitrary substrates and the related applications

Ke ZhangMax Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Title: Crystallization control of organic semiconductors during meniscus-guided large area coating by blending with polymer binder

Tianwei ZhangUniversity of Cambridge

Title: Small-signal measurement of the threshold voltage shift in thin film transistors under positive gate bias

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