Dr Kiron Prabha Rajeev


Email: kiron.prabha-rajeev@manchester.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)161 306 4714

Dr Kiron Prabha-Rajeev is currently working as a Research Associate in the Electronics and Electronics Engineering department at the University of Manchester. His current area of research is on Printed Neuromorphic circuits using organic transistors. He received his Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Kerala, India in 2007. He has completed MSc on Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronic devices from the University of Surrey in 2009. His MSc research project was on “Laser ablation of PEDOT: PSS electrodes for organic field effect transistors”.  He then spent a year working at Merck Chemicals Ltd as a researcher, working in the innovation materials group focusing on Inorganic nanowire-based transistors. In 2011, he started a collaborative PhD with Merck Chemical Ltd and the University of Surrey. During the course of his PhD, he was based at Merck Chemicals Ltd working on multidisciplinary topics of research, both organic and inorganic electronics. His prime areas of research at Merck Chemicals Ltd were on Organic Photodiodes and Inorganic Nanowire Field Effect Transistors.  His PhD thesis was focused on the development of organic photodiodes to be used as optical sensors operating in the visible and near infrared regime. His research interest includes large area applications of organic electronics, nanowire transistor applications, electronic circuits, development of new and innovative materials, and light sensors based on organic materials.

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