Stable Nanowires – Spray coated nanowires: enhanced stability for touch sensing and solar cell applications

Transparent conducting electrodes (TCEs) are an essential component of many electronic devices such as such as solar cells, touch screens, flat panel displays and OLEDs. Most TCEs use indium tin oxide (ITO) based electrodes which are optically transparent, electrically conductive and easily deposited as a film. ITO, however, has limited conductivity, possesses too high a cost for widespread commercialisation and shows limited longevity on polymer substrates. Metallic nanowires represent an interesting alternative to ITO. They combine several advantages such as high optical transparency, low sheet resistance and mechanical flexibility - a promising transparent conducting material for electrical and optical devices, particularly as flexible and conformal transparent electrodes. The stable nanowires project accessed the viability of  implementing nanowire  electrodes - identifying and addressing the challenges involved.

Project Objectives

  • Develop and assess manufacturing approaches for creating metallic nanowire TCEs
    • Approaches which enable enhanced conductivity and long-term environmental and electrical stability

Key Achievements

  • Built upon an approach developed by Bangor University, depositing silver nanowires onto flexible substrates.
  • Technique developed produces best sheet resistance and transparency performance of any transparent electrode material mentioned as an ITO replacement.
  • Demonstrated that the electrodes can be integrated into functional organic and perovskite solar cells

For further details on a mixed nanowire approach, see: Kumar, D, Stoichkov, V, Ghosh, S, Smith, GC & Kettle, J 2017, 'Mixed-dimension silver nanowires for solution-processed, flexible, transparent and conducting electrodes with improved optical and physical propertiesFlexible and Printed Electronics, vol 2, no. 1, 015005. DOI: 10.1088/2058-8585/aa6011

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