Organic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC)

Uof Matirials Chemistry_43 croppedOrganic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC) at the University of Manchester provides expertise in the development of  new conducting, semi-conducting and dielectric materials and their formulation for controlled deposition – printing onto a wide range of substrates.

Principle areas of expertise include:

  • Complex Fluids - colloids, direct write formulations, polymer solutions
  • Organic Electronics - conjugated oligomers and polymers, organic semiconductor processing, devices e.g. OFETs, solar cells
  • Biomaterials - polymer systems for drug delivery, implants, regenerative medicine
  • High Performance Materials - nanocomposites, polymers of intrinsic microporosity, polymeric sensors, fire retardancy, medical and other technical textiles, smart packaging

The core of the centre is located in the newly refurbished, state of the art laboratories on the first floor of the School of Chemistry. This hub houses OMIC staff and students working on chemical synthesis, characterization and device fabrication. This hub acts as focal point for a wider network of staff and students across the University of Manchester, including chemists, physicists, pharmacists, engineers and materials scientists.

OMIC is a University Innovation Centre for the speciality organic materials and polymer industries, and is bridging the gap between the knowledge which Universities generate and that which businesses need in order to innovate and grow. The Centre has an extensive track record of working with chemistry-using industries and since 2003 it has carried out over 160 projects for over 75 companies with a total project value in excess of £5M.

Since 2009, OMIC has been a major partner in the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry.

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