Professor Krishna Persaud



Krishna Persaud is a professor at the University of Manchester and his research interests are in the area of olfaction from physiology to chemistry. Krishna has been involved in the development of gas sensor arrays for sensing odours based on conducting polymers, that became commercialised by Aromascan plc, now Osmetech plc. He has had a wide number of external activities such as Exchange Coordinator for the GOSPEL Network of Excellence, committee member of the NOSE II forum, Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the European Chemoreception Organisation (ECRO), and Treasurer of the International Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing (ISOCS). Krishna has been an associate editor for a number of journals that include Materials Science and Engineering C, Biochemical Journal, IEEE Sensors Journal, Sensors and Actuators B.

He has received a number of awards that include the Prince of Wales Award for Technological Innovation Certificate 1995, European Space Agency Certificate of Achievement in 1997, Silver Medal Royal Academy of Engineering, 1999, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry 2002, and Fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control 2006. He is the founder of Multisensor Systems Ltd.

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