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System Integration for Plastic Electronics Using Room Temperature Ultrasonic WeldingDou G, Holmes AAdvanced Engineering Materials 19013092020LINK
Robust High Capacitance Polymer Gate Dielectrics for Stable Low Voltage Organic FieldEffect Transistor SensorsRahmanudin A, Tate D, MarcialHernandez R, Bull N, Garlapati S, Zamhuri A, Khan R, Faraji S, Gollu S, Persaud K, Turner MAdvanced Electronic Materials 19011272020LINK
Air Stable Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Diodes With a 6.4 GHz Extrinsic Cutoff Frequency Fabricated Using Adhesion LithographyWyatt-Moon G, Niang K, Rider C, Flewitt AIEEE Electron Device Letters 41, 175-1782020LINK
On shear-rate dependent relaxation spectra in superposition rheometry: A basis for quantitative comparison/interconversion of orthogonal and parallel superposition moduliCurtis D, Davies AJournal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 274, 1041982019LINK
In Vivo Optical Performance of a New Class of Near-Infrared-Emitting Conjugated Polymers: Borylated PF8-BT.Neumann PR, Crossley DL, Turner M, Ingleson M, Green M, Rao J, Dailey LAACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11, 46525-465352019LINK
On response spectra and Kramers-Kronig relations in superposition rheometryCurtis D, Davies APhysics of Fluids 31, 1271052019LINK
Initial Studies Directed toward the Rational Design of Aqueous Graphene Dispersants.Heard KWJ, Bartlam C, Williams CD, Zhang J, Alwattar AA, Little MS, Parry AVS, Porter FM, Vincent MA, Hillier IH, Siperstein FR, Vijayaraghavan A, Yeates SG, Quayle PACS Omega 4, 1969-19812019LINK
Quality Mapping of Offset Lithographic Printed Antenna Substrates and Electrodes by Millimeter-Wave ImagingZhang J,Tang J, Sun W, Zhang Y, Wang X, Yang BElectronics 8, 6742019LINK
One-Volt, Solution-Processed Organic Transistors with Self-Assembled Monolayer-TaO Gate Dielectrics.Mohammadian N,Faraji S, Sagar S, Das BC, Turner ML, Majewski LAMaterials 12, 25632019LINK
High performing AgNW transparent conducting electrodes with a sheet resistance of 2.5 ? Sq based upon a roll-to-roll compatible post-processing technique.Kumar D, Stoichkov V, Brousseau E, Smith GC, Kettle JNanoscale 11, 5760-57692019LINK
Towards Closed-Loop Integration of Point-of-Care Technologies.Tan EKW, Au YZ, Moghaddam GK, Occhipinti LG, Lowe CRTrends in Biotechnology 37, 77-7882019LINK
Thermosonic-Adhesive (TS-A) Integration of Flexible Integrated Circuits on Flexible Plastic SubstratesDou G, Holmes A, Cobb B, Devenport S, Jeziorska-Chapman A, Meeth J, Price Rin 2018 7th Electronic System-Integration Technology Conference (ESTC) (IEEE, 2018)2018LINK
C-H Borylation/Cross-Coupling Forms Twisted Donor-Acceptor Compounds Exhibiting Donor-Dependent Delayed Emission.Crossley DL, Kulapichitr P, Radcliffe JE, Dunsford JJ, Vitorica-Yrezabal I, Kahan RJ, Woodward AW, Turner ML, McDouall JJW, Ingleson MJChemistry - A European Journal 24, 10521-105302018LINK
Organic and Amorphous-Metal-Oxide Flexible Analogue ElectronicsPecunia V, Fattori M, Abdinia S, Sirringhaus H, Cantatore E2018LINK
Nanofabrication of conductive metallic structures on elastomeric materialsE.K.W Tan, G. Rughoobur, J. Rubio-Lara, N. Tiwale, Z. Xiao, C. A. B. Davidson, C.R. Lowe and L.G. OcchipintiScientific Reports, April 2018, 8. 66072018LINK
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Fourier Transform Controlled Stress Parallel Superposition (FT-CSPS): Validation & Application in Processing Printable Functional MaterialsA. Holder, J. Claypole, T. Claypole, P. G. Cooper, P. R. Williams, and D. J. CurtisPhysics of fluids 30, 0771052018LINK
Extracellular vesicles are independent metabolic units with asparaginase activity.Iraci N, Gaude E, Leonardi T, Costa ASH, Cossetti C, Peruzzotti-Jametti L, Bernstock JD, Saini HK, Gelati M, Vescovi AL, Bastos C, Faria N, Occhipinti LG, Enright AJ, Frezza C, Pluchino SNature Chemical Biology 13, 9512017LINK
Thermodynamically Stable Synthesis of Large-Scale and Highly Crystalline Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers and their Unipolar n-n Heterojunction Devices.Lee J, Pak S, Giraud P, Lee YW, Cho Y, Hong J, Jang AR, Chung HS, Hong WK, Jeong HY, Shin HS, Occhipinti LG, Morris SM, Cha S, Sohn JI, Kim JMAdvanced Materials 29, 17022062017LINK
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Quality-control of UV offset lithographicaly printed electronic-ink by THz technologyY. Zeng, R. Donnan, M. Edwards and B. YangIEEE Conference Publications, September 2017, 10th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre Waves and Terahertz Technologies (UCMMT), Liverpool2017LINK
Rapid laser-induced photochemical conversion of sol-gel precursors to In2O3 layers and their application in thin-film transistorsS. Dellis, I. Isakov, N. Kalfagiannis, K. Tetzner, T. D. Anthopoulos and D.C. KoutsogeorgisJournal of Materials Chemistry C, March 2017, 5 (15). pp. 3673 - 36772017LINK
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Trap healing for high-performance low-voltage polymer transistors and solution-based analog amplifiers on foilV. Pecunia, M. Nikolka, A. Sou, I. Nasrallah, A.Y. Amin, I. McCulloch and H. SirringhausAdvanced Materials, June 2017, 29. 1606938 (8pp)2017LINK
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Inkjet-printed nanocavities on a photonic crystal templateS.F. Brossard, V. Pecunia, A.J. Ramsay, J.P. Griffiths, M. Hugues and H. SirringhausAdvanced Materials, October 2017, 29 (47). 1704425 (9pp)2017LINK
Post-polymerization C-H borylation of donor-acceptor materials gives highly efficient solid state near-infrared emitters for near-IR-OLEDs and effective biological imagingD.L. Crossley, L. Urbano, R. Neumann, S. Bourke , J. Jones, L.A.Dailey, M.Green, M.J. Humphries, S.M. King, M.L. Turner and M.J. InglesonACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, August 2017, 9 (34). Pp. 28243-282492017LINK
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Cyanoethyl, cellulose-based nanocomposite dielectric for low-voltage solution-processed organic field-effect transistors (OFETs)S. Faraji, E. Danesh, D.J. Tate, M. L. Turner and L.A. MajewskiJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics, April 2016, 49. 185102 (7pp)2016LINK
Highly emissive far red/near-IR fluorophores based on borylated fluorene-benzothiadiazole donor-acceptor materialsD.L. Crossley, V.-Y. Inigo, M.J. Humphries, M.L. Turner and M.J. InglesonChemistry - A European Journal, July 2016, 22 (35). pp. 12439-124482016LINK
A general protocol for the polycondensation of thienyl N-methyliminodiacetic acid boronate esters to form high molecular weight copolymersJ.A.Carrillo, M.L. Turner and M.J. InglesonJournal of the American Chemical Society, October 2016, 138 (40). pp. 13361-133682016LINK
Nondestructive method for mapping metal contact diffusion in In2O3 Thin-Film TransistorsO. Kryvchenkova, I. Abdullah, J.E. Macdonald, M. Elliott, T.D. Anthopoulos, Y.-H. Lin, P. Igić, K. Kalna and R.J. CobleyACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, September 2016, 8 (38). pp. 25631-256362016LINK
Analysis of schottky contact formation in coplanar Au/ZnO/Al nanogap radio frequency diodes processed from solution at low temperatureJ. Semple, S. Rossbauer and T.D. AnthopoulosAmerican Chemical Society: Applied Materials & Interfaces, August 2016, 8 (35). pp.23167-231742016LINK
Nanoscale current spreading analysis in solution-processed graphene oxide / silver nanowire transparent electrodes via conductive atomic force microscopyJ.E.T. Shaw, A. Perumal, D.D.C. Bradley, P.N. Stavrinou and T.D. Anthopoulos Journal of Applied Physics, May 2016, 119 (19). 195501 (27pp)2016LINK
An approach to simultaneously test multiple devices for high-throughput production of thin-film electronicsA. Kumar and A. FlewittJournal of Display Technology, March 2016, 12 (3).pp. 240-2462016LINK
Scanning Kelvin probe microscopy investigation of the role of minority carriers on the switching characteristics of organic field-effect transistorsY. Hu, V. Pecunia , L. Jiang , C.-A. Di , X. Gao and H SirringhausAdvanced Materials, June 2016, 28. pp. 4713-47192016LINK
1 GHz pentacene diode rectifiers enabled by controlled film deposition on SAM-treated Au anodesC.-M. Kang, J. Wade, S. Yun, J. Lim, H. Cho, J. Roh, H. Lee, S. Nam, D.D.C. Bradley, J.-S. Kim and C. LeeAdvanced Electronic Materials, February 2016, 2 (2): 15002822016LINK
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A Compact SPICE Model for Organic TFTs and Applications to Logic Circuit DesignValletta A, Demirkol A, Maira G, Frasca M, Vinciguerra V, Occhipinti L, Fortuna L, Mariucci L, Fortunato GIEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 15, 7542016LINK
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Flexible and conformable strain gauges for smart pressure sensors systems: Static and dynamic characterizationOcchipinti L, Fontana E, Smerzi S, Spoto E, Renna M, Romano A, Scuderi A, Vinciguerra Vin 2015 IEEE 15th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO)2015LINK
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Enhancing electron affinity and tuning band gap in donor-acceptor organic semiconductors by benzothiadiazole directed C-H borylationD.L. Crossley, I.A. Cade, E.R. Clark, A. Escande, M.J. Humphries, S.M. King, I. Vitorica-Yrezabal, M.J. Ingleson and M.L. TurnerChemical Science, June 2015, 6 (9). pp. 5144-51512015LINK
Assessment of the stress relaxation characteristics of critical gels formed under unidirectional shear flow by controlled stress parallel superposition rheometryD.J. Curtis, N. Badiei, A. Holder, J. Claypole, D. Deganello, M.R. Brown, M.J. Lawrence, P.A. Evans, P.R. Williams and K. HawkinsJournal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, August 2015, 222. pp. 227-2332015LINK
High-efficiency, solution-processed, multilayer phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes with a copper thiocyanate hole-injection/hole-transport layerA. Perumal, H. Faber, N. Yaacobi-Gross, P. Pattanasattayavong, C. Burgess, S. Jha, M.A. McLachlan, P.N. Stavrinou, T.D. Anthopoulos, D.D.C. BradleyAdvanced Materials, January 2015, 27 (1). pp. 93-1002015LINK
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High-performance solution-processed amorphous-oxide-semiconductor TFTs with organic polymeric gate dielectricsV. Pecunia, K.K. Banger and H. SirringhausAdvanced Electronic Materials, January 2015, 1. 1400024 (6pp)2015LINK
Solution-based self-aligned hybrid organic/metal-oxide complementary logic with megahertz operationV. Pecunia, K. Banger, A. Sou and H. SirringhausOrganic Electronics, March 2015, 21. pp. 177-1832015LINK
Facile arylation of four-coordinate boron halides by borenium cation mediated boro-desilylation and -destannylationD.L. Crossley, J. Cid, L.D. Curless, M.L. Turner and M.J. InglesonOrganometallics, December 2015, 34 (24). pp. 5767-57742015LINK
Inkjet printed paper based frequency selective surfaces and skin mounted RFID tags: the interrelation between silver nanoparticle ink, paper substrate and low temperature sintering techniqueV. Sanchez-Romaguera, S. Wünscher, B.M. Turki, R. Abbel, S. Barbosa, D.J. Tate, D. Oyeka, J.C. Batchelor, E.A. Parker, U.S. Schubert and S.G. YeatesJournal of Materials Chemistry C, January 2015, 3 (9). pp. 2132-21402015LINK
1 Volt organic transistors with mixed self-assembled monolayer/Al2O3 gate dielectricsB. Urasinska-Wojcik, N. Cocherel, R. Wilson, J. Burroughes, J. Opoku, M.L. Turner and L.A. MajewskiOrganic Electronics, November 2015, 26. pp. 20-242015LINK
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Innovative manufacturing of large-area electronicsL.G OcchipintiIEEE, September 2014, 44th European Solid State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), Venice, Italy2014LINK
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A Sm(II)-mediated cascade approach to dibenzoindolo[3,2-b]carbazoles: synthesis and evaluationM.T. Levick, I. Grace, S.-Y.Dai , N. Kasch, C. Muryn, C. Lambert, M.L. Turner and D.J. ProcterOrganic Letters, April 2014, 16 (8).pp. 2292-22952014LINK
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Modeling sub-threshold current-voltage characteristics in thin film transistorsS. Lee, S. Jeon and A. NathanJournal of Display Technology, November 2013, 9 (11). pp. 883-8892013LINK

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