Runner Up of CSM Student Design Project: Smart step

 A top 4 runner up product concept

Design and video by Qian Han, Central Saint Martins, a top four finalist of a Large-Area Electronics Demonstrator design competition commissioned by the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large-Area Electronics.

The smart insoles concept includes built-in printed pressure sensors and a gyroscope system, which connect to an app on a phone via Bluetooth. This allows a user to track movement for sports, dance or game applications. The sensors and circuits are made of flexible printed technologies which enable the insole to be ultra thin & lightweight.

About the demonstrator competition

The EPSRC Centre challenged Central Saint Martins students to design a portable interactive demonstrator comprising multiple functional Large-Area Electronics (LAE) elements (e.g. sensors, displays, energy harvesting, energy storage, lighting) brought together in an attractive and compelling way to illustrate functional capability and new modes of use. The demonstrator will be used as an outreach tool for students to learn about LAE and new career possibilities, as well as to communicate with potential end-users about LAE technology, what it is and how it can be applied.

48 students participated in the competition, each coming up with their own concept that was presented to the EPSRC Centre and participating LAE companies who provided technology samples for the competition. The projects were judged on the following criteria: a) design innovation b) how well the LAE elements were presented, and c) commercial potential/application.

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