Workshop on the Science, Technology and Commercialisation of Electronic Textiles

The innolae 2019 programme has been expanded to include a workshop focused on the evolution of electronic textiles for wearable applications. The presence of both academic and industrial players in the field will facilitate productive cross-disciplinary debate and steer the direction of this rapidly evolving field towards industrially relevant large area electronic applications, targeting markets which have most to benefit from this new technology - such as wellbeing, sports and healthcare.

This workshop is ideal for researchers and innovators from academia and industry interested in the fields of stretchable and wearable electronics, healthcare and bio-sensing applications, functional fibres and smart textiles in general.

Images courtesy of Smartlife

The session format will include presentations from academics and commercial companies active in the technology, a panel discussion and opportunity for delegate questions and interaction.

Current speakers include:

  • Dr Felice Torrisi, lecturer at the University of Cambridge, will be talking about Washable and wearable electronic textiles enabled by two-dimensional materials. His research focuses on graphene, two-dimensional materials (GRM) and nanomaterials for novel printed and wearable electronic devices and smart textiles
  • Dr Theodore Hughes-RileyNottingham Trent University, will talk about integration and weaving strategies for electronic textiles.
  • James Hayward, Principal Analyst at IDTechEx, will present the latest trends and case studies on the integration of flexible and stretchable electronics into wearable devices
  • Kay Ullrich, Representative R&D (Smart Textiles) at TITV Greiz, will present insights on working with smart textiles – discussing materials, processes, products and their testing
  • Francesc Mañosa, researcher at Eurecat's functional fabrics unit, will talk about integration of fibre-based electronic devices into textile structures.

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